SPACE – Stop Patriarchy And Choose Equality (2012)

SPACE – A women’s collective in Delhi aimed towards gender equality and women empowerment

Introspace 00:00 / 03:44
Introspace (free) 03:44
Spacedrop 08:03
A kind of Summertime (free) 06:46


The Album Description:Space releases their debut album this November 2012 after recording for 2 years in home city Kolkata, work city Delhi and summer city Paris. Paul, who joined the band later, has a big role in mixing and mastering the tracks. The songs are electro-acoustic experiments of mainly originals and their own versions of covers like Massive Attack, Summertime and a Bengali film song from the black and white era.
The original songs have lyrics with an awakening and a provoking intention. They are directed towards womens’ liberation and their emancipation in India. For example Kali’s Forest, talks about domestic violence and has strength-giving shlokas of the fiery Goddess Kali. Zindagi Bitani travels to a punjabi marriage showing concern on forced arranged marriages and honour killings. Up in the Air is a rap screaming out to the vulnerable young girls to think objectively and have courage to fight against physical, mental and emotional abuse.Tritha’ strong Indian classical background and Baul influences adds to the ethnic flavour of the electronics she programs. Ritika’s theatrical take on the songs gives it an unpredictable twist. Paul, a man of many instruments colours the songs with various percussions and live drums on fast paced songs like Up in the Air and  more


released October 30, 2012Tritha Sinha – Vocals, Guitar, Electronics, Percussions
Ritika Singh – Vocals, Rap, Guitar
Paul Schneiter – Percussions, Sound engineering (album mixing and mastering)
Other SPACE cadets – Alessandro Valdambrini – Piano
Sunayana Wadhavan (Vocals, Support)


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