21200894_1605226692840913_2885804514049115707_oA one-woman show

Tritha often performs SOLO.

Sometimes as a classical singer expressing her Indian classical roots and sometimes breaking free as PaGLi to show her contemporary take as an artist reacting to her socio-political environment.

Her solo avatar has her with her Tanpura drone, tibetan bowl, an acoustic guitar, drum machine and analog synthesizer, and her voice processors of looping and delay effects. She is a complete musicial institution in this way and sometimes has guests collaborating in the end of the presentation.

 Video samples:

PaGLi: Which means a crazy woman in Bengali.

This video which changed her life. In 2010, she decided to record a song as a non-classical voice breaking from traditions as a woman unconditioning herself from everything she knew before and embracing craziness to give birth to a new definition of freedom.

Tritha and her Tibetan Bowl: ​Tritha is in Italy !! She is inspired ! She sings about one beautiful moment – of togetherness, of music, of the times now to heal life through musical vibrations. ​

The Awakening: A reaction to the moment in the capital of India during the winter of 2016 when New Delhi turned out to be the most polluted city of the world making it difficult for citizens to breathe and singers to sing and be inspired.

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