Tritha and Martin                            Album : Elements d’existence
(India-France)                                  (World Music, Sacred, Classical)

Tritha SINHA and Martin DUBOIS invites us to a colorful sound healing concert around the theme of the 5 elements; Earth, water, fire, air and space!
Mixing voices, Indian raagas and Mongolian diphonic songs, the rhythms intersect with unusual instruments such as the Hand-Pan (or Hang), the kora (African Harp), the tablas, the singing bowls, the flutes, the kalimbas and others Percussions …

This music of their imagination is inspired by a real experience of Indian, Oriental, African and medieval traditions as well as jazz, reggae and rock. They offer us a sincere and authentic sharing in a deep sonorous journey illustrated with rich tales of inner escape.
       A unique moment of communion to appreciate the openness and the art of listening, a synergy of man and woman – achieving harmony and peace through their original compositions!
“Two experienced artists, creators of magical atmospheres, an unforgettable world music concert …”

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