A peak into the world of S P A C E …

SPACE is a journey seen from the eyes of the free, contemporary Indian woman.

It is an outfit created and moderated by 2 such women – Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh. And supported by french sound engineer and musician Paul Schneiter.

“SPACE” in India composes songs for women empowerment and encourages young Indian women to perform and express themselves on a stage. Their recent collaborations with writer/founder of One Billion Rising Eve Ensler and danceuse/activist Mallika Sarabhai has reached out to many women, inspiring them with their music.

The lyrics and content are views of the modern Indian woman and her thoughts about personal freedom, worldly affairs in contrast to spirituality, throwing light on some prevalent social issues like domestic violence, forced arranged marriages female foeticide and the much needed liberation of the Indian woman today.

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Started in Kolkata in 2008 before moving to New Delhi in 2011, SPACE plays a subtle mix of ambient and electro-fusion trip-hop, in 7 languages. They sing several songs in English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Punjabi and sometimes jargon.

Blue Frog, Wills India Fashion Week, Delhi India Arts festival, Engendered Gallery(NYC),Festivals like Ragasthan, Ziro, Escapel and Gulmarg, TLR Cafe (Delhi), Someplace Else(Kolkata),In Kolkata at events of SUTRA organised by women with the ICCR and Weavers Studio are among the few venues at where SPACE has made its presence in India.

Featured on Zoom TV for their performance at the Wills India Fashion Week, SPACE have been invited to perform on the ramp showcasing Designer Urvashi Kaur’s collection at WIFW Delhi and have also featured on National television-Doordarshan for their concerts, Dilli Aaj Tak and the French Channel Arte have also interviewed the band. Internationally SPACE was invited to play for an eager audience in Bangkok in 2011and in Paris in 2010. They also performed at The One Billion Rising events in 2012 in Ahmedabad with Mallika Sarabhai production and 2013 with Eve Ensler, writer of Vagina Monologues/Founder of the One Billion Rising phenonemenon.

Core band – Tritha Sinha, Ritika Singh & Paul Schneiter

Welcome to the vast and open world of S P A C E…



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Tibetan singing bowlIn the winter of 2008, one evening Tritha along with her friend, Ritika decided to make music very “simply”… Using unassuming objects like a Tibetan prayer bowl, a ghungroo (used by Indian kathak dancers on their feet) and many other street percussive objects, they created a two voice harmonic sound

SPACE is now a journey where musicians, dancers and visual artists from various parts of the world keep boarding and sharing their human experiences through musical conversations.

S P A C E cadets

Tritha Sinha (Vocals, Electronics, Guitar)

Tritha is the founder of the outfit of SPACE. An endeavour to blend contemporary and classical music, Tritha skilfully converts difficult indian classical melodies and rythmic patterns into an easy listening structure in the compositions of SPACE. Also responsible for the electronic beats and loops support, which she programs herself on softwares like Reason and Protools. Tritha is a combination of the traditional musical values and the strong feminine essence of India in Space.

Ritika Singh (Vocals, Guitar, Rap)

A multi-faceted individual, RiZ is the modern independent Indian girl. A survivor by nature, a go-getter at heart. Apart from having a steady corporate life, Ritika has a love for performing arts, she has been acting in theatre and can also be spotted in the woman-centric Bengali film, Bishh.A multi-expressionist, a brilliant song-writer, she is the all-rounder in the outfit SPACE.



Paul Schneiter (Drums Installation, Sound)

Working initially as a sound engineer for the band, Paul started getting slowly into the musical process of the evolution of the two girls in their songs. Also a drummer with an indian rock band, Menwhopause, SPACE wanted this french musician to bring out his skills on the indian folk drums-The Nagaras on an acoustic drums installation. Now, he seems to be the metronome of the band !



Next shows of SPACE

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