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In September and October 2016, Tritha was selected for one of the world’s foremost music residencies, OneBeat, convening innovative musicians from every region of the world to the U.S. for exhilarating performances, discussions, interactive music-making events, and more.

OneBeat grew out of a notion that musical collaboration is a uniquely powerful way to connect people across political and cultural barriers, which can in turn cultivate an international network of sonic change-makers who make a powerful impact on their local and global communities.

OneBeat started in the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) in New Smyrna Beach, Florida for a two-week intensive residency from September 10-25. The residency was followed by a two-week, four-state tour to New Orleans (Sept 26 – Oct 1), Chattanooga (Oct 2 – 5), and Chicago (Oct 6 – 11).


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